Families in Hawaii Blessed

OGT recently donated $20,000.00 for volcano Kilauea victims in Hawaii. Pastor Mark Zier with Christ Lutheran Church in Hilo, Hawaii received the funds and divided it equally among 4 families as they dealt with being displaced and/or lost their homes as a result of lava flow in the Puna district. One of the families helped was a single mom with two teenage children. Early in the eruption, prior to any contact with OGT, the daughter’s piano recital had to be relocated because of the eruption and Christ Lutheran provided their sanctuary and baby grand piano for their use on a Sunday afternoon. While the son sat in the church, he saw a Prayer Request card in the pew rack in front of him and filled it out asking for prayers as the lava was about to take their home. He left the card with his phone number and Pastor Zier contacted him the next week to make arrangements to provide a $100 gift card to them. The family’s home was taken by the lava a few days later, but they had family with whom they could stay. Even though they received an insurance settlement, they needed furniture, a refrigerator and some other revisions for their new home. The $5,000.00 gift from OGT came at a critical moment for them and the mother was in tears as she received the check. They had been through a traumatic situation with her divorce, she battled breast cancer, they were affected by a hurricane and threatened with the last eruption on the island a few years ago, so this event was one more struggle they endured with God’s help. Pastor Zier shared with OGT of “Feeling blessed that Christ Lutheran Church has been blessed to be the conduit through which these funds from Orphan Grain Train have been delivered to these very needy and deserving families. What a privilege it is to see the hope through the tears as people learn of and receive these funds. Thank you for the opportunity to make a real significant difference in the lives of these families that will impact them for the rest of their lives. Most of all thank you for the joy of helping these people Experience Christ’s Love!”

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