Eager Volunteers and Good Planning Resulted in Progress

More than 30 volunteers in the Missouri-Illinois Branch of OGT recently were very active in obtaining, preparing, packaging and loading much-needed items for use in The Gambia, a needy area in Africa.

Items were prepared for young and old, from cradle to school-age, to young adult and beyond. Included were personal items to augment health, clothing of various sizes and types, and items to be used in educational efforts: small school desks, chairs, tables, cabinets, teaching aids, and more. Blankets of all types were bagged and counted, then placed strategically to protect the items.

A special conveyor system was used for loading. Part of the system allowed easy manual rolling of items with hardly any effort. A new addition, thanks to the generosity of regional volunteers and of a contributor about 250 miles away, a motorized conveyor was designed, configured, and adapted in order to convey items uphill into the truck where these were then properly packed for shipment to Norfolk.

“The whole process worked wonderfully,” said Ron Loesch, who manages the branch headquartered in St. Louis. “A big word of thanks to all the volunteers, especially those who made the conveyor system a reality.” The loading was completed in about four hours, thanks to the innovation. It was estimated that the work time was nearly cut in half thanks to the number of volunteers and the safety of the conveyor. The load was prayerfully sent off to its eventual destination to help those in need.

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