Doing Our Part to Help During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Orphan Grain Train’s Maryland Branch has a talented team of volunteers who respond to emergency situations here and abroad.  Right now we are doing our part as far as COVID-19 by sewing masks for medical personnel and others who come in contact with the public.  We have sewn and sent supplies to Anne Arundel General Hospital, Baltimore Washington Medical Center, and Johns Hopkins.  Additionally we have sent masks to Safeway, assisted living facilities, restaurants, and other locations where people are grateful for this type of supply.  In the words of the people at one of the assisted living facilities we provided masks to:  
“I can not explain to you what a blessing you are! Thank you so much for the masks. It is absolutely a gift from God that you called me. I have goosebumps telling you this but we were just discussing “what are we going to do?”. We have masks, but are going to run out. Your gift has made us in a position where the caretakers can have one, wash it and wear again. I have no idea how to tell you Thank you enough!”

Categories: Disaster Relief

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