Container to Liberia Finally Reaches its Destination

We pray for safe travels for OGT containers but this one could have used a couple extra prayers. It did finally make its destination and was unloaded but only after the driver went off the road and into a swamp while in route to Cotton Tree, Liberia. It took two days before a caterpillar helped to get it out. Pastor James Kollie with Lutheran AID Ministries was thrilled with the goods from the Wisconsin Branch, especially for the PETs (all-terrain wheelchairs) that are desperately needed for those that are disabled. He also shared that he needs more edible beans to serve to their school children. These beans make a significant impact by improving the ability to study with having a full tummy and children have more of an interest to attend school because of the meal, which is sometimes their only meal for the day. Could you imagine not being able to feed your children but knowing at school they will get fed? Through your generous donations OGT changes lives worldwide – thank you!

Categories: International Aid

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