Container Shipped Despite Many Obstacles

Another joint effort to help our brothers and sisters in Puerto Rico was realized by the branches of New England, Mid-Atlantic and Maryland. Battling delays involving a broken down rental truck, glitches at the Port of Baltimore and a spring snowstorm, the container left Maryland on March 23, 2018, one week later than scheduled. We give thanks for a loading crew that was willing to come back 3 times to make this happen! We also give thanks for Rich Klepps, driver extraordinaire, who was willing to be our ‘OGTeamster’ and bring the items down from New England and Mid-Atlantic. Included in the supplies sent to Puerto Rico were: 293 boxes of Kids Against Hunger meals (that’s over 10,000 pounds of food!), 102 cases of water, 31 boxes of hygiene kits, 17 sewing machines, over 100 boxes of diapers, 207 boxes of clothing, 52 yard/home tools, 114 assorted medical items (wheelchairs, walkers, canes, crutches etc), 83 boxes of towels/linens, 111 boxes medical linen and tubing, plus cleaning supplies, home care items, toys, and school supplies! God is good! The first photo is ‘OGTeamster’ Rich Klepps in the rental truck being loaded. Next photo is volunteers from Mid-Atlantic Branch and a photo of them loading. Next is New England Branch volunteers and a photo of their supplies loaded. The last photos are Maryland Branch volunteers at their warehouse loading all three loads into a shipping container for Puerto Rico! What an awesome joint effort! Thank you all!

Categories: Disaster Relief, International Aid

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