Compassion in Kyrgyzstan Shipment Arrives in Time for the Holidays

OGT’s Wisconsin Branch volunteers in Westfield were delighted to receive these photos of the goods and gowns being distributed by Social Charity Fund “Compassion” to many in need in Kyrgyzstan. We received this touching ‘Thank you’ for the humanitarian aid and the extreme need for help. ‘The economic and social situation in the country can be described as a catastrophe. According to the World Bank, as of July 2021 the poverty rate in Kyrgyzstan was 31.3% which was 11% higher than in 2020. It was the worst year for the economy of the country for 26 years. In this situation, receiving free clothing, shoes, blankets and medical supplies is vitally important for many people in Kyrgyzstan.’
Many of the people served by “Compassion” live in poverty, are disabled, homeless or children in orphanages. All these groups were served from this one shipment of humanitarian aid.
Some young ladies at an orphanage were thrilled to receive beautiful gowns. This orphanage is self-sufficient with no government help. In order to survive, they run a small bakery, a sewing shop, have a hen house and a green house. They used to have a cow but had to sell it because they had no money to buy forage. The children are either orphans or from the families of alcoholics. All the children are very talented, they make beautiful handicrafts and clothing, draw, sing and dance. They also make performances and concerts for various occasions: New Year, Christmas, Women’s Day, etc. They plan to wear the gowns to the New Year party. So many wonderful blessings for our brothers and sisters in need. Thank you, Wisconsin donors and volunteers! To God the Glory!

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