Cameroon Will Be Blessed By Container Full of Aid

On August 14, Maryland Branch volunteers in Millersville loaded a 40-foot container destined for the Lutheran Orphanage of Cameroon, Central Africa, established by Pastor Professor Samuel Frouisou. Because the orphanage is required to be associated with a medical clinic, this shipment represented a special challenge to provide aid for both a school and a hospital. In addition to school items such as student desks and chairs, storage cabinets, tables, and AV equipment, the load also featured a variety of medical supplies. They included hospital beds, canes, walkers, and many bassinets. These valuable resources were complemented by Christian resources such as an altar, baptismal font and crucifix donated by Joy Reigns Lutheran Church in Edgewater. Also, the Annapolis Evangelical Lutheran Church donated 100 children’s quilts. Rounding out the load was over 400 solar lights—which are so valuable in those areas where the electric grid is either unreliable or nonexistent. Special thanks go to the many students from Archbishop Spalding High School who offered their brawn and brains to stuff the container full of life-saving humanitarian aid.

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