Bicycles Around the World from Mid-Atlantic Branch

Since joining our volunteer ranks in 2018, ‘Bike Guy’ Tom Fuesler has cultivated a special mission to refurbish bicycles for shipping. Many countries request bicycles that they prize as an economical mode of transport. In Malawi, which thus far has received more bikes from us than any other country, a recipient wrote, “receiving a bike is like receiving a new car, so we would be blessed to receive as many as you are willing to send.” Thankfully, MAB gets bikes from many sources: OGT volunteers, a scrap-metal recycler, bike shops, churches, and neighbors. 313 of Tom’s bikes have found homes overseas and in the US. Some of the most heartfelt photos we get are from men, women, and children who receive bikes. We pray this special ministry continues to grow as a blessing to those in need.

Categories: Branch Updates, International Aid

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