Aid for the Very Poor and Hungry

OGT has shipped humanitarian aid and lifesaving food to 68 countries. These gifts are distributed to children in orphanages, schools, families living in poverty, the disabled, blind, elderly and the very hungry. Last Fiscal Year OGT shipped 115 containers of goods and food to 25 different counties. These blessings along with the Gospel and stories of Jesus are shared and lives are changed forever. Orphan Grain Train ships Mercy Meals, fortified rice-soy meals that are served in orphanages, schools and in homes which are sometimes the only meal eaten for the day. Last fiscal year nearly 4.5 million meals were shipped to help children affected by malnutrition and starvation. The cost of shipping a container can be costly but the impact the aid has for those in need is priceless. Would you consider helping families that have much less with a contribution for international shipments or where most needed? Thank you.

Categories: International Aid

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