A New Region in Haiti to Serve

February 12, 2018 OGT’s international office had a visit from a new recipient Josias Marin from Thomassique, Haiti. He is associated with the Lutheran church and school in Thomassique and is excited to be receiving French Bibles, 57,024 Mercy Meals, 5,000 pounds of mixed edible beans, linens, clothing, recreational clothing and sports equipment, coveralls and rubber boots for local goat farmers (special request from Josias), beds with mattresses, hygiene kits, school kits, classroom chairs and tables shipped from the Norfolk warehouse. The 40’ container will remain at the school to be converted into a computer classroom. How exciting to be able to help children and families in another region of Haiti. Pictured is Josias Marin with Grant Schmidt, OGT’s vice president.

Categories: International Aid

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