Grateful 98 Year Old Receives Walker

Bible Mission International in Moldova received aid from OGT’s Michigan Branch in Sebewaing. They sent this video and story of a walker being shared with this gentleman in need. This is just one of many stories shared with OGT. Thank you, Michigan donors & volunteers!
Brother Virlan Gheorghe is the oldest member of the “Grace” Church in village of Trusheni. He’s 98. Throughout his life, he was a strong man and was rarely ill. But from the age of 86, it was quite difficult for him to walk because of his age. He became very helpless and needed care and supervision. He served in the church for several years. He greatly enjoyed the help he received from the Bible Mission in the form of the walker. He thanked God for his care and said that he would use this walker with great joy, which will help him move more easily in the house and outside. We thank you wholeheartedly for your dedication to helping the needy and powerless people in our country. May the Lord bless you and reward your generosity.

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