170 Miles for a New Pair of Crutches

Shaarkan Akymbekova lives in Kyrgyzstan and received a pair of crutches about 5 years ago from an OGT shipment. She has been disabled since her childhood and can walk only with the help of crutches. Now the crutches are old, Shaarkan repaired them many times but they can hardly be used. This dear lady came by bus from the town of Balykchy (about 170 miles from Bishkek) to have a new pair of crutches. It was a difficult trip, but it was worth making it. A pair of new crutches costs about US $20, which is a half of Shaarkan’s monthly social welfare. Thank you to our donors and volunteers for helping Shaarken and others like her who are in need of medical equipment.

Categories: International Aid

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