Rocky Mountain

Rocky Mountain Branch
Manager: Rex Nicolaus
(970) 474-2707 (night)

20832 County Road 32.5
Julesburg, CO  80737
Wednesdays and Saturdays 9 to noon
Please call if you need a different time to donate or for a group packing.

Secretary: Muriel Nelson
PO Box 152
Julesburg, CO 80737
(970) 474-2526

FFA Students Lend a Hand
Rocky Mountain Branch located in Julesburg, CO loaded a shipment for Pampali Evangelical Lutheran Church in Latvia. The local FFA students came to help load 1,068 boxes of blankets, quilts, clothing, shoes, coats, homemade t-shirt diapers, towels and washcloths. What awesome help to load all these wonderful gifts for children and families in Latvia.(3/2017)

FFA Students Help Load for Lithuania
Rocky Mountain Branch in Julesburg, CO had some great help loading a shipment for Taurage, Lithuania. The FFA students from Revere School District in Ovid, CO donated their time and muscles to load 976 boxes containing quilts, layette kits, linens, coats, clothing, shoes, hygiene kits, diaper t-shirts, backpacks, sewing supplies and bikes. What wonderful gifts for Taurage Evangelical Lutheran Church to receive and distribute to families in need.(2/2017)

Latvian Family's are in for a Treat
On August 9th the Rocky Mountain Branch located in Julesburg, CO. loaded a shipment for Smiltene, Latvia. OGT’s recipient Fonds Saules Kalns assists children and adults in orphanages, the disabled, large families, and outreach programs. They will soon be receiving blankets/quilts/linens, men's, women's, and children's clothing, coats and shoes, and school supplies to share with those in need. Pictures are of the Rocky Mountain volunteers loading all the precious cargo for Latvia.(8/2016)


Unpacking Love and Kindness Miles Away
June 1st Rainbow Network in Nicaragua unloaded a shipment of bedding, blankets, clothing, shoes, handbags, diapers, new underwear, hygiene kits, towels, hospital gowns, hospital linens, bicycles, stuffed toys, school supplies, and sewing supplies. The Rocky Mountain branch in Julesburg, CO sorted, packed and shipped all these wonderful gifts last April 21. Rainbow Network is a Christian ministry that assists children and families in remote areas of Nicaragua.(6-2016)

Rainbow Network in Nicaragua to Receive Aid
Last week the Rocky Mountain Branch volunteers in Julesburg, CO loaded a shipment for the Rainbow Network in Nicaragua. Our recipient Rainbow Network is a Christian ministry that works with children and families in rural remote areas of Nicaragua. They will soon be receiving 37 boxes of blankets/quilts/linens, 932 boxes of men's/women's/children's clothing and shoes, 8 boxes of hygiene items, medical supplies, a bicycle, stuffed toys, school kits and of sewing supplies. What wonderful gifts for these families that have very little. Thank you to our donors and volunteers!(4-2016)

Goods Received with Joyous Hearts
Last February the Rocky Mountain Branch located in Julesburg, CO. shipped a load to Jurbarkas Lutheran Parish in Lithuania. Pastor Mindaugas Kairys received the shipment and was able to get volunteers to help unload the shipment into their church storage area. He shared that he will distribute the humanitarian aid of blankets/quilts, linens, clothing, coats and shoes, backpacks, school kits and sewing supplies to poor families in the rural area. Pastor Kairys was very grateful to receive the wonderful gifts and said thank you to all involved for getting them such needed supplies. Pictures are of the unloading of supplies in Jurbarkas, Lithuania. (4-2016)

Relief to be Delivered to Lithuania
February 18th 2016, Rocky Mountain Branch in Julesburg, CO was busy loading a shipment to Jurbarkas, Lithuania. 
Our recipient, Jurbarkas Lutheran Parish will soon be receiving 40 boxes of blankets/quilts, linens, 959 boxes of men's, women's, and children's clothing, coats and shoes, backpacks, school kits and sewing supplies. They will share all these wonderful donations with children and families in need. Pictures are of the hard working volunteers loading 1,019 boxes for this shipment – thank you!(2-2016)

Volunteers Load Shipment
Rocky Mountain Branch, located in Julesburg, CO, loaded a shipment for Talsi, Latvia on August 19, 2015.   The inventory included 1,050 boxes of blankets/quilts, linens, clothes, coats, shoes, Hygiene Kits, towels, sewing machines and supplies.  Talsi Evangelical Lutheran Church will receive the shipment and distribute to those in need.  Pictured are the dedicated volunteers loading the shipment for Latvia.

Come and Enjoy Great Food and Fellowship!!
Brat and Fish Boil Fundraisers

Saturday, July 25, 2015  11:00 am  Bratwurst Feed - Biesemeier Room Event Center at the Phillips County Colorado Fairgrounds
Sunday July 26, 2015 1:30 pm   Fish Boil - St. Paul Lutheran Church, 7th & Maple St. Julesburg, CO 

Shipment for Lithuania
On May 12, 2015, Rocky Mountain Branch in Julesburg, CO loaded a shipment for Lithuania. The inventory included 1,021 boxes of blankets/quilts, men’s, women’s and children’s clothing, shoes and coats, t-shirt diapers, hygiene kits, towels and medical supplies. Pictured driving forklift is Rex Nicolaus, Branch Manager and also pictured are the volunteers that sorted and loaded all these wonderful boxed supplies. Thank you!

Rocky Mountain Branch Ships Internationally
On December 12, 2014, Rocky Mountain Branch in Julesburg, CO loaded a shipment for the Ukraine.  The shipment consisted of men’s, women’s, and children’s warm winter clothing, coats, scarfs, gloves and shoes.  The pictures are from our recipients in the Ukraine unloading the shipment.  What wonderful donations for people in desperate need.

Ukraine to Receive Relief Supplies
On December 10, 2014, Rocky Mountain Branch loaded a container for the Ukraine. They will be receiving 52 boxes of shoes and 922 boxes of clothing. What a blessing for a country in need. Pictures are of past recipients in the Ukraine.

Rocky Mountain Branch Ships to Latvia
Rocky Mountain Branch located in Julesburg, Co shipped a load to Latvia on October 23. The load included 70 boxes of linens, 902 boxes of clothing, bikes, toys, backpacks and school kits. Thank you to the volunteers for all your hard work sorting and loading these items.

Rocky Mt. Branch has Visitor
On October 4 - 5, 2014, I (Suzanne Leffers) visited the Rocky MT. Branch in Julesburg, CO. I had a wonderful time, spoke at a LWML Rally and also after the church service on Sunday about the history and ministry of Orphan Grain Train. I was also able to tour the OGT Rocky Mt. warehouse, a beautiful facility. They are getting ready to ship a load to Riga, Latvia. The warehouse is needing more volunteers to help sort and pack donations and also drivers to pick up donations in neighboring towns, CDL not required. The picture includes volunteers Doug and Lois Hagemann, Louann Nicolaus and Branch Secretary, Muriel Nelson at the Rocky Mt. Warehouse.

Latvia Red Cross receives load

Latvia Red Cross Receives Aid
A shipment from Julesburg, Co to Latvia has arrived and was unloaded by Latvia’s local Red Cross on June 6, 2014.  The inventory included blankets, quilts, linens, men, women, and children's clothing, coats, and shoes, hats, gloves, and scarves.  What a blessing for the people of Latvia.  Pictured was a previous shipment to Latvia.

Latvia to Receive Shipment
Rocky Mountain branch, located in Julesburg, CO, shipped a load on April 24, 2014 to Latvia. The inventory includes 1,247 boxes of men, women, children’s clothing and coats, 79 boxes of shoes, 31 boxes of quilts, and 15 boxes of bed linens. That is a lot of donated items and a lot of packing for the volunteers. Thank you to everyone involved!

Ysleta Mission in Texas to Receive Aid
On March 31, 2014, a half load left Norfolk for Julesburg, CO to pick up a half load from the OGT Rocky Mountain branch and was headed to Ysleta Mission in Texas. The inventory included 6 student desks, 23 student chairs, 6 teachers desks, house hold items, food, 5 boxes of medical supplies, 13 boxes of hospital gowns, miscellaneous medical equipment, and 4 dental chairs. What a wonderful variety of needed equipment for Ysleta Mission.

On June 2, 2011, we at the Rocky Mountain Branch had a first. The volunteers pictured loaded a 40 foot overseas container of clothing to Belarus, which was a job in itself. Then an Orphan Grain Train 53 foot semi arrived within the hour, and the same helpers loaded the semi of hospital equipment and other goods to Norfolk. Left to right: Heinz Piehl, Julesburg, Dick Dawson, Julesburg, Dennis Nienhueser from rural Sidney, NE, Rich Wilhelm, Julesburg, Twane Reker, rural Sidney, NE, Gary Narjes, rural Sidney, NE, and Walt Narjes, rural Sidney, NE. Opie the mascot strolls in front, he belongs to Dick Dawson.

April 2011: McCook, NE local helpers along with Heinz Piehl and Dick Dawson loaded the Julesburg OGT truck with the entire donated denial office of Dr. Don Blank, who was retiring. All this equipment then was shipped to Norfolk, and will be going to a mission.

Once or twice a year, Methodist Colorado State University students travel out to Julesburg for the weekend, to help at our warehouse. They like coming out here and helping the needy. This past March 31, 2012, they came and helped sort, pack, and do other chores. Rex Nicolaus from Julesburg cooked goulash for the crew.

(2009) Orphan Grain Train Rocky Mountain Division Warehouse Location: I-76 and Colorado State Highway 385, Julesburg, CO 80737 Warehouse hours are Wednesday and Saturday mornings, 9 to 11 A.M. We close the day before a holiday and on holidays so our volunteers can enjoy the day with their families. Our volunteers have sent ten (semi-load) shipments from the Julesburg warehouse in 2008 and four shipments in the first half of 2009. So many wonderful miracles have happened to us we thought it would be nice to share them with you: 1. We have a satellite collection point at Epiphany Lutheran Church, Castle Rock, Colorado which is about 20 miles south of Denver. They have been collecting clothing for us since 2003. Ken and Dottie Bockelmann and their volunteers have been doing a wonderful job. We are so thankful for Epiphany Lutheran for allowing us to help the needy. A few years ago, Epiphany congregation also collected the $4,000 needed to purchase our truck. 2. Since Orphan Grain Train is still working at the Katrina relief area, I thought I could share with you two stories. Back in 2005 our Sedgwick County Sheriff received a telex from a sheriff in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, thirty-six hours after the hurricane hit. He was desperately in need of clothing, shoes, diabetic and other medical supplies, disposable diapers and bottled water. Several sheriff’s departments in our area got together and collected the medical supplies, diapers, and water, and loaded it into a National Guard troop truck. Then they drove out to our Orphan Grain Train warehouse, where county inmates loaded the rest of the truck with the needed clothing, covered everything with tarps, and left directly for Hattiesburg. The drivers took turns driving, and arrived within 24 hours of the telex! A second Katrina miracle. The Sisters from St. Patrick Catholic Church, Sidney, Neb. called us right after Katrina. They knew we were doing relief, and they wanted to know what they could do to help. We asked them to collect hygiene items, and gave them a list of items. They did one better, they contacted the Sidney Public High School to compete with their Catholic School to see who could collect the most items. Three days later we received a phone call from the Sidney HS Principal to come and pick up the items, there were so much, these items were all over the halls and creating a hazard. These items were all taken to St. John’s Lutheran Church in rural Ogallala, Neb. where men, women and children were waiting with gallon Zip-lock bags for assembling. As soon as they were done, Heinz Piehl and John Heidemann drove the completed packets (37 large boxes full) in our Orphan Grain Train truck straight to Norfolk, Neb., where they were loaded on the next semi truck headed to New Orleans! 3. 2007. We needed to move from our previous John Deere warehouse, and nothing in town or anywhere near was suitable. Our board members voted to build. One acre of land was donated to us. Blueprints, title work, appraisal, some of the surveying, some of the actual building, and some town services were donated. Many grants were received, and an interest free loan was given to complete the warehouse. Praise the Lord! 4. Quilts. We receive quilts from over twelve churches in our area. All of these lovingly sewed quilts give comfort to needy people, both in the states during disasters, and overseas. 5. Thrivent Financial Chapters continue to match monies collected during fundraisers, to help us pay for shipments. 6. May 2008. Windsor, Colorado suffered a tornado. An ABC reporter was on scene that afternoon and gave the list of immediately needed items. Windsor is about 150 miles from Julesburg. After receiving permission, early the next morning several men loaded our truck with 248 boxes full of quilts, baby and children’s clothing, jeans, and shoes and drove to the distribution point in Windsor. It was a scene that Heinz Piehl and Paul Kerschner will never forget. The Windsor volunteers were in “awe” that help could come so fast! 7. Box Butte Hospital in Alliance, Neb. continues to donate good medical equipment for missions. When Heinz arrives with our truck, all available employees come out and help, and then donate their own extra clothing. 8. Kathy Most and her crew from St. John’s Lutheran, in rural Ogallala, Neb. continue to collect and pack clothing for us! 9. Our volunteers are the most wonderful, giving people, who come faithfully twice a week to do the Lord’s Mission Work as HE has taught us! Our Board members give of their time and talents consistantly. Brad Brackhan comes whenever needed, Paul Kerschner gets our boxes from Greeley and brings them out to us and comes whenever needed, Ken and Dottie continue to sort and pack. Thanks to Dick Dawson and Jan for managing the Julesburg Warehouse. We have a new and capable secretary, Muriel Nelson. You do a great job. Thanks to all of you! One final note, we all give thanks for John Heidemann, who gave so much time for a Mission that he loved. He is missed. Respectfully submitted Orphan Grain Train, Rocky Mountain Division For more information call: Muriel Nelson (970) 520-0886 .  (2009)