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Support for Those in Need
Last September 2017 the Colorado West Collection Center contributed $6,000.00 toward hurricane relief efforts in Houston, TX.  More recently, they contributed $5,000.00 toward a shipment to Haiti in April 2018.   Thank you to the donors of Colorado West Collection Center for assisting with relief efforts to help God's children in  need.

Ladies In Colorado Gift Quilts for Those in Need
Trinity Lutheran Church in Cortez, Colorado, has a number of women who enjoy making quilts for those in need. They all like to work on different stages of the quilts, so they are matched well. Currently the main group meets from September to May twice a month; but there is also a crew that likes to work in the summer as they are away during winter. In April a potluck and a dessert auction raised funds to send along with the quilts. A small amount was used to purchase batting and thread and the rest was sent with the quilts for OGT Colorado West location to use as needed. Thank you ladies for your time and talent with making these beautiful gifts for those in need.(5/2018)

Quilting Marathon 
A quilting marathon was held on Saturday, January 23, 2016, at Mount Olive Lutheran Church in Aurora, Colorado.  Beginning at 9:00 AM, 54 volunteers met to assemble, sew, and tie quilts for Orphan Grain Train.  Some of the volunteers had never quilted prior to this day so training in each area began. Volunteers ranged in age from eleven to well over 80 and included men and women. A lunch break was welcomed and at the conclusion of the day, around 3:00 PM, 39 quilts were finished with seven remainingto be tied!
It was a productive day with lots of fellowship and a time to meet and make new friends. Thanks be to God for the willing hands which made this day so fulfilling.

 The finished quilts were delivered to the Colorado West Collection Center in Thornton, CO.

Blessings for Nepal

Nepal will soon be receiving its second shipment of humanitarian aid from Orphan Grain Train. The children and families of Nepal are still hurting and struggling from the destruction of the earthquake this past April. Norfolk warehouse, along with a $5,000.00 contribution from Colorado West Collection Center, is funding the transportation costs of this shipment out of Ohio.  Its final destination will be Bhaktapur, Nepal, right outside of Kathmandu. Our recipient is excited to be receiving 41,472 Kids Against Hunger meals, 72 boxes of diapers, 25 boxes of quilts, and 84 tarps. Thank you to everyone that donated to help make this shipment possible! (7-2015)

Volunteers Busy Loading Shipment

Colorado West Collection Center of Thornton, CO is an extension of the Norfolk warehouse.  When their warehouse is full, Norfolk stops in with a semi-truck and picks up the items.  On July 16, 2015, volunteers at Colorado West were busy loading the semi.  Those items will be placed into Norfolk’s inventory and exported when needed.   Thank you volunteers for all your hard work sorting and loading the donations.

Colorado West Funds Load for Latvia
Colorado West branch funded a load from Norfolk warehouse headed to Latvia on April 3, 2014. The inventory included 10 walkers, 15 pairs of crutches, 1505 boxes of men, women, children’s clothes and coats, and 105 boxes of quilts. That is a lot of packing by the volunteers!! Thank you!!

June and July 2011 News

LUGA #2-Orphanage near Luga, Russia
Peace Lutheran has supported this Orphanage for several years now. We have posted pictures of the children for quite some time. Maybe soon the poster will again be on display. The approximately 35 children that get care at this orphanage are special needs children. Some live at the facility permanently, some go home on weekends and others may just attend for the day. The funds needed to keep the facility going has been set at $10.00 a month per sponsor and $280.00 is needed for one month at a time. This means we need 28 sponsors a month to meet this goal. With the Lord’s help we have been able to keep up until so far. This $10.00 a month will provide medicines, shoes, food etc. Those of us that have taken this on have felt a real bond with the children there. It would be a great blessing if the Lord would touch your heart and help these children. Please contact Dick Tuers for more information. He can be reached at 303-424-1212.

Garage Sales
Dorothy Curtis and her gang have held two sales this year. These sales are a lot of work but are a big plus for funds in the treasury. THESE TWO SALES HAVE GROSSED OVER $2,600.00.

Pillowcase Dresses
This is not a fund raiser, but under the watchful eye of Ursula Tuers it has been a great outreach. These dresses can be sewn from pillowcases or a regular pattern using some of that material that seems to fill many of our closet shelves. Little girls always need dresses!! Call Ursula for a pattern or even fabric and other notions needed. Phone # 303-424-1212. She was able to ship close to 116 dresses in our CWB boxes. These boxes were labeled "HAITI," sent to the International Warehouse in Norfolk, NE, and will be put on a container bound for Haiti very soon. A slight correction to the May Peace Progress-we received dresses from Mt. Olive in Loveland, not Longmont.


Quilts are always needed. We are asking for usable tie quilts. We have been told that all sizes are welcome; baby to Grandma and Grandpa ones!