California Arizona Nevada

California-Arizona-Nevada Collection Center

Coordinator: Steve Rice

Helping Border Missions
OGT’s California-Arizona-Nevada collection center coordinator Steve Rice delivered blankets, quilts, clothing, hygiene supplies, sewing machines and fabric to southern California to help border missions. Building 1000 Generations and Lutheran Border Concerns Ministry received the goods which will be delivered in Tijuana for families living in poverty. Pictures are from other deliveries to Tijuana.(12/2018)

Grateful Families in East Tijuana
Steve Rice the coordinator for OGT's California-Arizona-Nevada Collection Center delivered new socks and underwear to Lutheran Border Concerns Ministry of San Diego.  They were able to share the clothing with grateful families in  East Tijuana and enjoy a meal together part of their outreach program.(6/2018)

Partnered to Help
Orphan Grain Train’s coordinator for California-Arizona-Nevada collection center Steve Rice delivered 275 boxes of bedding, clothing, hygiene supplies, toys, school supplies and fabric to Lutheran Border Concerns Ministry in San Diego. Rev. Ramon Contreras (on the left) will deliver the goods to 20+ Community Centers, Women's centers and churches from Tijuana to Mexicali, Mexico. Thank you to our wonderful donors for these gifts to share with our brothers and sisters to the south.  (6-2018)

Lutheran Border Concerns Ministry Blessed
California-Arizona-Nevada Collection Center delivered blankets, quilts, linens, clothes, school chairs, desks and teacher’s desks to Lutheran Border Concerns Ministry in Sand Diego, CA. Thank you to our donors for helping children at school and families in need.(2/2108)

Tijuana Mexico Receives Gifts
Recently OGT’s CA-AZ-NV Collection Center delivered knitted hats, quilts, blankets and clothing to 1000 Generations, a ministry in Tijuana, Mexico. The donations were handed out to children and families at one of the ministry programs. What wonderful blessings for these families.(2/2018)

Goods and Gospel Shared
In November 2017 OGT’s CA-AZ-NV Collection Center delivered a load of blankets, quilts, clothing, shoes, pillowcase dresses, diapers, hygiene kits and stuffed animals to Lutheran Border Concerns Ministry in San Diego, CA. The ministry helps families south of the border with spiritual and material needs. They have built several churches and share the Gospel with families living in poverty.  (11/2017)

Navy Junior ROTC Help Out OGT
In early 2017 Immanuel First Lutheran Church in Covina, CA held a collection event with the support of LWML Pacific Southwest District providing hygiene kits, knitted caps, sundresses, clothing, quilts, blankets, diaper kits, and eyeglasses totaling approximately 300 boxes for OGT's CA-AZ-NV Site supporting mission projects along the border of Mexico. Thank you to Lutheran High school’s Navy Junior ROTC unit packing and loading boxes three years in a row now. What a great bunch of young adults helping out and serving our Lord.(11-2017)

4 Domestic Shipments Delivered
In October 2016, OGT’s California-Arizona-Nevada Collection Center shipped four domestic loads containing blankets, quilts, pillowcase dresses, clothing accessories, diapers, and sewing machines. Two of the loads went to Building Generations in Chula Vista, CA and the other two went to Lutheran Border Concerns Ministry in San Diego, CA. Thank you to our donors and volunteers for your time and hard work with sorting, packing and loading.(11/2016)

Undie Sunday Drive- February 14, 2016
We would like to update you on our collection effort for 2016.  These are the letters and emails that were sent out to most churches, LWML chapters and also to the LCMS Pacific Southwest District that is in the District weekly newsletter. These have been delivered throughout all California, Arizona and Nevada. Even the Oregon LWML district and zones have picked up on this and have contacted me to offer support. (1-2016)
Thank you,
Steve Rice


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School Desks for Children
OGT’s California-Arizona-Nevada Collection Center located in Lancaster, CA delivered a teacher’s school desk, student chairs and desks to Lutheran Border Concerns Ministry. The ministry helps those in need spiritually and physically by building churches, schools and homes south of the border. The school desks will be blessings for so many small children. (7-2015)