Norfolk Warehouse

Norfolk Warehouse

606 W. Phillip  Ave.
Norfolk, NE 68701

Warehouse Manager: 
Doug Trampe
402.371.7393 ext. 148

Office Hours:
Monday thru Friday 9am to 4pm

Shipment Blesses Save The Poor in Ghana
Save The Poor in Ghana received a shipment of humanitarian aid from OGT. They were elated with the goods and shared some of the blankets, clothing and diapers with a local orphanage in Kumasi. Next week the Norfolk warehouse will ship school desks to be used by Save The Poor. What wonderful blessings being shared half way around the world.(9/2018)

Mercy Meals, School Kits, and Much More Shipped to Republic of Georgia
Norfolk warehouse volunteers loaded a special shipment for children in the Republic of Georgia. The load contains playground equipment which will be set up at a local kindergarten by our recipient Union of Investments. Also loaded on the shipment were 42,768 Mercy Meals, 25 boxes of school kits (10 of which were a Thrivent Action Team by OGT’s staff and family members), bedding, clothes, coats, and shoes. Imagine the smiles and laughter this shipment will give to children and many more years to come! Praise be to God.(9/2018)

Elated to Receive Shipment in Nicaragua
Rainbow Network of Nicaragua was elated to receive a shipment of blankets, linens, Spanish Bibles, clothing, shoes, hospital beds, canes, crutches, walkers, bicycles, toys, file cabinets, school desks, and classroom tables from the Norfolk warehouse. They help those living in poverty and rural remote locations with housing, education, healthcare and economic development. These are amazing blessings for them to use – thank you OGT donors and volunteers!(9/2018)

200 Christmas Boxes Delivered
Terry and Paulette Pronk from Laverne, MN delivered 200 Christmas boxes to the Norfolk warehouse. These will be shipped worldwide to share the love of Jesus and put a smile in children’s hearts around the world. Paulette organized this project with the help of Connie Boler at St. John Lutheran Church in Lavern, MN. For the past 10 months the congregation was asked to donate a different item every month that would become gifts in the boxes. A one day packing event was scheduled and volunteers came to pack all 200 Christmas boxes. Thank you for your dedication to this OGT project and for spreading the good news of the birth of Jesus.(8/2018)

Goods to Bless Many Arrive in Zambia
Gospel Link Zambia cleared and unloaded a shipment today containing 64,152 Mercy Meals, operating room table, anesthesia machine, medical supplies, infant warmer, PETs (all terrain wheelchairs), surgical prep trays, diapers, infant care supplies, hygiene supplies, medical linens, clothing, sanitary kits, hospital bed, mattresses, dental chairs, school supplies, sewing machine & supplies shipped from the Norfolk warehouse. Dr. Marjie Heier and other workers with Chifundo Rural Health Center were ecstatic with the medical equipment and supplies included in this shipment. They have a very limited budget and help children and families living in extreme poverty with very little medical assistance. The smiles and excitement in the photos expresses their gratitude. Thank you OGT donors and volunteers!(8/2018)

Hardworking Volunteers Get Shipment Loaded for Haiti
On Tuesday, July 31st the Norfolk warehouse volunteers had a great work out loading 66,528 Kids Against Hunger meals (308 boxes), 96 – 60 pound bags of rice, 278 boxes of sleeping mats, quilts, French Bibles, hygiene kits, clothes, linens and layette kits along with loading beds with mattresses, medical equipment, school desks and chairs, teachers desks and file cabinets for Help For Haiti. Sandra Koch with HFH will receive the shipment and some of the food and supplies will be distributed to other organizations to help even more families in other areas of Haiti. A BIG ‘Thank you’ to the hard working volunteers and to our donors that also help make these shipments possible. What wonderful life-changing blessings for those feeling despair in Haiti.(8/2018)

Wonderful Life Changing Gifts Shipped to Haiti
Help for Haiti received a shipment of 10,000 pounds of mixed beans, 99,792 Kids Against Hunger meals, 71,280 Mercy Meals, clothing, shoes, hygiene kits, chalkboards, student desks, and school supplies from the Norfolk warehouse. They also received a variety of PETs (all terrain wheelchairs) that are now assembled and ready to distribute to disabled children and adults. Thank you to OGT’s donors and volunteers for these wonderful life changing gifts for those in need and orphans in Haiti.(7/2018)

Blessed to Give Back to Our Community
During June 2018 the Norfolk warehouse had several walk outs and local deliveries that included food and medical equipment. Local organizations blessed with pallets of food &/or cases of fresh tomatoes included Catholic Charities, Norfolk Food Pantry, Our Savior daycare, Helping Hands daycare, Salvation Army, Norfolk Rescue Mission and Ponca Tribe. What blessings to be shared with local children and families in need.(7/2018)

Many Blessings To Be Distributed in New Mexico
On July 16th the Norfolk warehouse shipped clothing, handbags, cleaning kits, various foods and household items to Trinity Navajo Bible Church in Thoreau, NM. The many blessings will be distributed to families living in poverty. Pictured are some of the members from Trinity Navajo Bible Church.(7/2018)

Celebrating Our Country's Freedom
OGT’s home office in Norfolk, NE celebrated the 4th of July by having one of our semis in the local parade. It was cheered by many. The late Clayton Andrews donated this semi-truck to OGT and it now has over 1.5 million miles and the engine has yet to be overhauled! OGT is grateful for our country’s freedoms and blessings that we are able to share with those less fortunate.(7/2018)

OGT Able to Help Nicaragua During Unrest
Lutheran Hour Ministries (LHM) in Nicaragua has received humanitarian aid and food from OGT for nearly 20 years. Currently areas of Nicaragua are having political protests, streets are barricaded and gun fire can be heard. Since the unrest food is difficult to bring in and is costing more when available. Families are going without food. LHM is not able to receive containers at this time and is in desperate need of food and supplies. To help with this dire situation OGT wired funds of $5,000.00 to Ricardo and Georgina with LHM to help purchase food to be distributed to the desperate families. Ricardo emailed a video and pictures of distribution and a note of gratitude for the support and food that will feed many.(6/2018)

Volunteers Load Container Destined for Haiti
On June 18th the Norfolk warehouse volunteers were busy loading 10,000 pounds of mixed beans, 99,792 Kids Against Hunger meals, 71,280 Mercy Meals, clothing, shoes, hygiene kits, chalkboards, student desks, and school supplies for Sandra Koch with Help For Haiti. Sandra will distribute some of the food and goods among local organizations to share with orphanages, schools and families desperate for food and assistance. Praise be to God.(6/2018)

School Supplies and Blessings Arrive in Liberia
Linda Kurtz is Director of Care Ministries with Faith Community Lutheran Church and school in Las Vegas, NV. She is involved with mission partnerships; one in particular is Hope and Care for Children Lutheran School – HHC in Liberia. In December 2018 she delivered to the Norfolk warehouse school supplies and furnishings that were collected in Las Vegas. These along with 57,024 Mercy Meals, Bibles, blankets/bedding, church furniture and supplies, clothing, shoes, household supplies, generator, walkers, toys, bicycles, sewing machines, and sewing supplies were shipped to Monrovia, Liberia. Linda was able to be at HHC when the container unloaded and will help with the distribution of goods. She is grateful to OGT and our supporters for making this special shipment possible.(6/2018)

Wonderful Gifts Shipped to the Philippines
In May the Norfolk warehouse volunteers loaded 163,944 Mercy Meals, 320 pounds rice, blankets, sleeping mats, Bibles, school supplies, sports uniforms/equipment, bicycles, and toys for Kids International Ministries (KIM) in the Philippines. KIM has a school named Cuatro Christian School (CCS) which serves children from their orphanage and also from the surrounding community that would not otherwise attend school because of cost and living in poverty. They are offered a free education, school supplies, uniform and lunches while attending in hopes of breaking the cycle of poverty and to live life glorifying to God. Their school year starts in June and the school supplies and some for the food and sports equipment will be used there. These are such wonderful gifts for the children and families in the Philippines. Thank you OGT Supporters! Pictures are of goods loaded and previous pictures from CCS.(5/2018)

Many to Be Blessed By Aid Sent to Ghana
Save the Poor in Accra, Ghana will be receiving another shipment from the Norfolk warehouse to share with schools they support, families living in extreme poverty and medical clinics. They will be receiving blankets, clothes, shoes, pillowcase dresses, medical equipment, adult and child PETs (all terrain wheelchairs), bicycles, solar ovens, toys, sports equipment and sewing machines to help many in desperate need.(5/2018)

Zambia Anticipating Arrival of Goods
The Norfolk warehouse shipped 64,152 Mercy Meals, an operating room table, anesthesia machine, medical supplies, infant warmer, PETs (all terrain wheelchair), surgical prep trays, diapers, infant care supplies, hygiene supplies, medical linens, clothing, sanitary kits, hospital bed, mattresses, dental chairs, school supplies, sewing machine and supplies to Chongwe, Zambia. Dr. Marjie Heier is Medical Director of Chifundo Rural Health Center and they are excited to be receiving this shipment. Mission Heart donated some of the goods for the hospital/clinic. The health center offers under age 5 immunization clinics, prenatal care for pregnant mothers, medical assistance for those living in poverty and clinical outreach programs. Dr. Heier is always grateful for the food and supplies from OGT and she shared these photos from previous shipment. Thank you to our volunteers, donors and supporters for making these life changing shipments possible.(5/2018)

India Transformed is Very Grateful for Aid Sent
The Norfolk warehouse loaded a shipment of humanitarian aid for India in the first part of May. John Peter our recipient is with India Transformed and helps women being violated, orphans, schools and those living in poverty. King of Kings church in Omaha, NE packaged and donated 57,024 Kids Against Hunger meals. The shipment also included 28,512 Mercy meals, sleeping mats, toys, recreational clothing, office furniture, sports equipment, student desks, sewing machines and their school received band instruments. John Peter is always grateful for the food and aid sent to help children, women and families in desperate need. Thank you to all our donors and volunteers for being the hands and feet of Jesus.(5/2018)

Shipment Blesses Republic of Georgia
Women for Justice in Tbilisi, Republic of Georgia unloaded a shipment of blankets/quilts/linens, clothing, coats, shoes, dorm beds/mattresses, hygiene kits/diapers, medical equipment, PETs (all terrain wheelchairs), bicycles, toys, file cabinets, school desks/chairs, school kits, sewing machines and supplies from the Norfolk warehouse. The organization shared photos of unloading and first distribution of goods to families in need. What wonderful blessings for families with very little and very few resources.(5/2018)

Group Effort to Supply Goods to Cornerstone Children's Ranch
Norfolk warehouse and Rocky Mountain Branch in Julesburg, CO. worked together for a shipment to Cornerstone Children’s Ranch in Quemado, TX. Norfolk warehouse volunteers loaded clothing, cleaning kits and 8 pallets of various foods then at the Rocky Mt. Branch volunteers added household items and medical supplies to be shared with those in need at Cornerstone’s facilities and also outreach programs.(5/2018)

Many Organizations in Haiti to Be Helped by Shipment
On April 24th the Norfolk warehouse volunteers loaded food and humanitarian aid for several organizations in Haiti. Sandra Koch with Help For Haiti will receive the shipment containing clothing, school supplies, 228,096 Kids Against Hunger meals, adult and child PETs (all terrain wheelchairs) books, office furniture, school books/desks/chairs and student desks. Helping Hands For Haiti will receive two of the child PETs for two of their handicapped children they serve. House of Hope orphanage will receive student chairs, clothing and school supplies for their children. There are seven organizations assisting schools, orphanages and churches which will divide the KAH meals amongst them. How amazing to help so many organizations that serve hundreds of children and families with one shipment of relief supplies.(4/2018)

Jesus Shine Ministry to Receive Sports Attire
Norfolk warehouse volunteers loaded 965 boxes of recreational clothing for Jesus Shine Ministry in India. The ministry assists with orphanages and families living in poverty. The children and families will be excited to receive sports attire!(4/2018)

Glorious Day for New Recipient in Haiti
OGT’s first shipment to Josias Marin in Thomassique, Haiti was cleared and unloaded! It was a glorious day for Josias and everyone helping to unload and see the gifts from OGT. A goat farmer had a special request for ‘farmer’s clothes’ and OGT collected coveralls and rubber boots. He (photo with coveralls and boots) has a goat farm there for people to work and support themselves; he was grateful for the boots and clothes. The shipment also included the 40' shipping container to be used for storage, 57,024 Mercy Meals, 5,000 pounds of beans, French Bibles, bed frames and mattresses, hygiene kits, school kits, sports equipment, classroom tables and chairs. Goods will be organized and distributed soon.(4/2018)

School Desks Received in Liberia
Joe Boway with Lutheran Schools in Liberia received student desks and chairs from the Norfolk warehouse last month. These furnishings were set up at Trinity Evangelical Lutheran School in Foya, Liberia. These are wonderful blessings for their meek surroundings which usually are benches and tables made from cinder blocks and wood slabs as desks. Thank you to our donors and supporters for showing students in Liberia that people care about their schooling.(4/2018)

Shipment On its Way to Moldova
Norfolk warehouse volunteers loaded a shipment of quilts, school supplies, desks, chairs, sewing machines/supplies, yarn, bikes, medical equipment, beds with mattresses, hygiene kits, diapers, clothing, shoes and coats for Moldova. Bible Mission International is excited to receive the goods to help children in orphanages, families living in poverty and their Christian camps.(4/2018)

Shipment to Bless Region in Philippines Struggling with Drought
April 5th the Norfolk warehouse volunteers loaded food and relief supplies for Camp Mt Moriah in Malaybalay City, Philippines. Camp Mt Moriah has outreach programs for children and families living in poverty. Currently the region is struggling with drought, causing poor crops and farmers now have no crops or income and are also in desperate need of help. They are looking forward to receiving 142,560 Mercy Meals, blankets, uniforms, flip-flops, bed frames with mattresses, adult diapers, infant diapers, hygiene kits, towels, toys, bench tables, sports equipment, bicycles, and child gift boxes to help those in need and also support the many Christian camps offered during the summer.(4/2018)

Joyous for Shipment Received in Ukraine
OGT’s recipient Charitiable Foundation "Mariam" in Melitopol, Ukraine shared gratitude and joy for the shipment they received from the Norfolk warehouse. The photos are their first distribution of clothes and toys being shared with children living in poverty and people with disabilities. Praise be to God.(4/2018)

A New Dress Brings Smiles Abound 
Sandra Koch with Help For Haiti recently received pillowcase dresses along with Mercy Meals and Kids Against Hunger meals from the Norfolk warehouse. Sandra shared the dresses with girls in ‘Norway’, an area in Cite Soleil which borders on the ocean and every time there is a storm the ocean wipes out most of what they have. You can see the rusted tin houses that are "home" to these children. (first 4 pictures)
Sandra also shared the dresses with girls living in an area called ‘The Mangos’ which borders on the filthy canal. The pile of debris you see behind the girls is the garbage cleaned out of the canal. These children live in the slums on a garbage dump. There is no water, no electricity and few schools and very little food. We came with the dresses and began to share them with the girls ---who wanted to pick out their colors and enjoyed they're picture being taken. You can see that the dresses brought a ray of happiness into the girls life that day...they felt pretty, they posed for the photos, laughed and for a short time, life was as close to normal as it could be. Thank you to those that make these adorable dresses to put a smile on a child’s face and give hope to her heart.(3/2018)

Shipment Arrives to Leon, Nicaragua
Lutheran Hour Ministries in Leon, Nicaragua unloaded their shipment of blankets, linens, Good News Magazines, Christian resource materials, layette kits, purses, gym bags, clothing, flip flops, diapers, exam gloves, hospital beds, canes, commodes, wheelchairs, IV stands, bicycles, toys, desks, chairs, file cabinets, and school kits shipped from the Norfolk warehouse. Distribution to those in need is being planned and photos will be sent.(3/2018)

Beans and Kids Against Hunger Meals Will Bless Many in Liberia
Norfolk warehouse volunteers were busy today loading 30,000 pounds of edible mixed beans donated from Morrison Farms in Clearwater, NE and 38,880 Kids Against Hunger meals. Wisconsin Branch funded this load which has left on its journey to Rev. Kollie at Lutheran AID Ministries (LAM) in Liberia. These wonderful blessings will feed thousands of children and families to nourish both body and soul. When feedings occur, scripture is also shared.(3/2018)

Cornerstone Children's Ranch in Texas Grateful for Gifts
Cornerstone Children’s Ranch received church pews, clothing, a variety of foods and household items from the Norfolk warehouse. The Children’s Ranch is a Christian organization whose mission is to serve the children and parents of low income, indigent families along both sides of the Texas-Mexico border and are grateful for the assistance through OGT donations.(3/2018)

Serving Women For Justice
Orphan Grain Train has a new recipient, Women for Justice in the Republic of Georgia which assists women living in poverty, with domestic difficulties and disabilities. They also help children in orphanages with food, clothing and other essentials. Women for Justice is eager to receive blankets/quilts/linens, clothes, coats, shoes, hygiene kits/diapers, medical equipment, school kits/supplies and toys from the Norfolk warehouse. What wonderful blessings to share with women and children living in difficult situations.  (3-2018)

Dedicated Volunteers Load Shipment Despite Snow Storm
The snow storm on March 6th closed several schools in surrounding area but did not stop the Norfolk warehouse volunteers from loading a shipment for Monrovia, Liberia. The shipping container made it from Omaha and was loaded with 92,664 Kids Against Hunger meals, 5,000 pounds of edible beans, clothing, diapers, hygiene supplies, scales, canes, wheelchairs, PETS (adult, child, and pull all terrain wheelchairs), bicycles, toys, and school kits for Children Relief Services, Inc. Rev. Hilary Earley is always grateful for the donations to share with children and others in desperate need.(3/2018)

Shipment to Uzbekistan Unloaded by Hand
In 2017 the Norfolk warehouse volunteers loaded a shipment of quilts, clothing, shoes, new underwear, child handicapped chairs, patient lifts, commodes, toilet risers, orthopedic boots/prosthesis, PETs (all terrain wheelchairs), therapy tables, walkers, bicycles, and toys for New Hope Rehab Foundation in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. New Hope was amazed and thankful for the wonderful goods and will distribute soon to those in need. Notice in the photos that the medical equipment and boxes were all unloaded by hand.(3/2018)

NELHS Blessed with Food 
OGT delivered its second load of food to Nebraska Evangelical Lutheran High School in Waco, NE. NELHS serves young men and women in grades 9-12. Something unique is that over 80 percent of the students live in dormitories at the school and are fed three meals a day seven days a week. OGT’s donated food will assist the school greatly to reduce costs of preparing the meals for students. Some students and faculty helped to unload the food. It was a cold day and it was also Hawaiian day so the students weren’t dressed for Nebraska cold to unload a truck – thank you to the students and staff for your help! In the first picture Corina Bauer, head cook is on the left with the students that helped and in the second picture on the left is Mark Otte, school administrator helping with the unloading.(2/2018)

Volunteers Busy Getting Shipment Loaded for Nicaragua
February 6th, 2018 the Norfolk warehouse volunteers were busy loading quilts, linens, bikes, stuffed toys, 35 boxes of school kits, sports equipment, student chairs, office furniture, medical equipment, flip-flops, clothes and diapers for Nicaragua. Lutheran Hour ministries (LHM) will be receiving the goods to distribute to organizations and families living in rural areas in need.(2/2018)

Ukraine Eager to Receive Gifts
February 5th, 2018 the Norfolk warehouse volunteers loaded a shipment for Fastiv, Ukraine. OGT’s recipient ‘Together Into The Future’ provides assistance in over 150 villages and small towns for schools, orphanages, hospitals, the elderly and disabled as well as families living in poverty. They are eager to receive quilts, sewing machines, bikes, office chairs, hygiene kits, diapers, bed frames with mattresses, clothes, coats, and shoes to distribute as needed. Thank you again to our supporters and dedicated volunteers for making this shipment possible.(2/2018)

Ukraine Container Arrives 
Charitable Foundation "Mariam" in Melitopol, Ukraine recently received a shipment of school desks, chairs, class room tables and teacher’s desks from Norfolk warehouse. "Mariam" shared 150 chairs and 37 tables with a local school that was thankful for the much needed items for their school children.(2/2018)

Congo is Number 67
February 2, 2018 OGT shipped humanitarian aid to our 67th country – Congo! OGT’s new recipient Women of Diverse Confessions, INC assists to improve farming and raising small farm animals, assist local hospitals, sewing school for girls, clothes for families and provide school supplies to children in Katanga, Congo. They are overjoyed to be receiving 28,512 Kids Against Hunger meals, clothes, pillowcase dresses, quilts, shoes, hospital beds, 10 bikes, adult and pull PETs (all terrain wheelchairs), school kits/supplies, sewing machines/supplies and 2 solar ovens to share with those in need. God is good! Thank you to our hardworking volunteers loading all these wonderful gifts in the cold warehouse.(2/2018)

Families in Remote Nicaragua to be Blessed
On January 24 the Norfolk warehouse volunteers loaded sewing machines, sleeping mats, school kits, adult and children’s PETs (all terrain wheelchairs), hygiene kits, clothing, Spanish Bibles and quilts for Rainbow Network in Nicaragua. Rainbow Networks is a Christian Ministry assisting about 50,000 people living only in rural remote areas. Their work is focused on four areas; healthcare, education, economic development and housing and involves community participation. Special gifts and love are on the way to help the families in remote Nicaragua.(1/2018)

Many Mouths and Souls Will Be Fed
Help For Haiti will soon be receiving 213,840 Mercy Meals and 42,768 Kids Against Hunger meals as well as a box of pillowcase dresses donated from ladies in Castle Rock, CO. This shipment was loaded at the Norfolk warehouse and should arrive in Haiti early February. Some of the food will be shared with four other organizations that help feed the hungry and also children at House of Hope orphanage. The food and dresses are such wonderful blessings for children and families in Haiti.(1/2018)

36 Pallets of Gifts Sent to Mission, Texas
The Norfolk warehouse volunteers loaded 36 pallets of clothing to be delivered to Valley Baptist Retreat Center (VBRC) in Mission, Texas. VBRC helps with border missions and camps for churches or groups. They gave a blessing for the clothing and were grateful to be able to distribute it among local organizations and families in need.(1/2018)

Liberia Looking Forward to Container of Gifts
Joe Boway with Lutheran Church in Liberia will soon be receiving school desks, student chairs, classroom tables and file cabinets loaded by the Norfolk warehouse volunteers. Joe Boway has helped start several Lutheran schools which this shipment will be a blessing for. He has also received edible beans to serve for lunch to the student which is sometimes the only meal they eat all day. Pictures are of students at Lutheran schools in Liberia. Thank you to our donors and volunteers for helping the children in Liberia.(1/2018)

4th Container Shipped Out to Puerto Rico
The fourth container to Puerto Rico was loaded on December 21, 2017 at the Norfolk warehouse. This shipment of processed food, bottled water, pet food, hygiene kits/supplies, cleaning kit/supplies, blankets, table, chairs, diapers, buckets, and school supplies will be received by Puerto Rico Baptist College and shared with families in desperate need. They will keep the shipping container for storage. Today the Indiana Branch loaded the fifth shipment for Puerto Rico with shipping costs being paid by OGT's Hurricane Relief fund. Thank you to our donors for making these shipments possible! Pictures are of the fourth shipment loaded and heading to port.(1/2018)

Sharing Christmas in Nicaragua
These amazing Christmas boxes were made by OGT office staff in a Thrivent Action Team event earlier this year. Some were shipped with humanitarian aid to Rainbow Network in Managua, Nicaragua and shared with families in need of gifts for their children. One of the families that received a Christmas box was Angela Gutiérrez Fuente and she has 6 children. They are a poor family, what they earn is enough to feed them; her husband is a security man and works three days a week earning about $60. Angela cares for the children while he works. Her heart was filled with joy to see her 2 year-old son Mateo receive one of the Christmas Boxes. She shared not having money to buy him anything and is very thankful to OGT and Rainbow Network for these precious gifts of love. Thank you volunteers and donors for sharing Christmas in Nicaragua! First two pictures are of Angela and her children, third photo is her kitchen and the rest are of other children receiving the Christmas boxes.(1/2018)