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Passing the Thank You on to You

OGT's Grant Schmidt VP of Operations received this email "thank you" message from Sandra Koch of Help For Haiti (HFH). OGT's ability to help the desperate children and people is because of all the amazing support from our donors and volunteers.

OGT would like to pass this "Thank You" onto you!

I feel I need to express the gratitude we have towards OGT.
We are seeing increased desperation for food and real struggling, near death in some cases, but we have food, beans, vegetables, clothing, sleep mats in our depots from OGT, so when there is a need, we can open a depot and give that person something.
Each Wed (9-11am) We give out food, supplies to over 75 handicapped. We gave each a HFH card and they can come every Wed. Then on Thurs. we do the same but for over 135 elderly and pregnant women. We do have to pay a policeman each day to be there because we were having riots of people with NO CARDS wanting food.
Today we had a young girl come to pick up food for her grandmother. She got her grandmother’s allocated food, then she passed out before she left the gate.
We revived her, gave her water and a peanut butter sandwich. We found out she HAD NOT EATEN IN THREE DAYS. Her parents died. She and her five brothers & sisters lived with her grandmother who was sick. She said she was going crazy because she did not know what to do.
We gave her a second card--one for herself so she can pick up double food each week and that will help.
Then the policeman brought a woman and her little girl with him today and asked us to help the lady. Her husband had gone crazy, destroyed the house and left her destitute with 5 children.
The policeman found her rummaging through the filthy garbage heaps with the pigs, looking for food to eat. Again, we were able to give her food and a HFH card so she can come back every Thurs. and receive food and in this case-- she needs clothing.
We have about a dozen young mothers, so skinny, who come with their babies each week to get food.
So without the help from OGT, these people would continue to suffer and....... possibly worse.
With sincere thanks
Sandra Koch
Help For Haiti Inc