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OGT would like to send a very special Happy Birthday wish to Elroy Koch who is turning 80 years young today! Elroy dedicated 22 years as the Iowa West Branch Manager and his wife Barb worked alongside him as the Warehouse Coordinator. Earlier this year, failing health made it necessary for Elroy Koch to step down as the manager. Barb continues to sort and box clothes weekly at the Ida Grove location. The Iowa West Branch has seen much growth and outreach of support. They outgrew their first location in a garage in Battle Creek, Iowa and are now in Ida Grove, IA at an old service station with rollers to help load trucks. Elroy was a farmer and a trucker which was beneficial to the branch. In the early years with OGT, he would truck clothes to disaster sights in the U.S. such as flooding in Grand Forks, N.D.; Oklahoma (tornadoes) and El Paso for a mission in Mexico. Elroy also participated in Operation Hay Lift, where area farmers would donate hay bales, and they’d truck them to Nebraska as drought relief for farmers. Some of the places clothing and medical supplies gathered at the Ida Grove warehouse have been shipped to include Lithuania, Latvia, the Baltics, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Baku, Estonia, Belarus, India and Kenya. Words cannot express the gratitude and appreciation of the 22 years of dedication, time and talent that Elroy Koch has given to Orphan Grain Train. We hope your day is filled with lots of joy celebrating YOU! Happy Birthday!